The OT network community cares about data; the engineering community cares about deaths

Dale Peterson has written and held podcasts on the lack of importance of Level 0,1 devices. Because Dale is so well known in the OT security community, I felt it was important to respond to what I take to be his mischaracterization of the Level 0,1 issues.

The culture gap between engineering and networking can be summed up with Dale’s statements that there is no trust in control commands and that Level 0,1 devices are not that important. Regardless of how well networks and communications are secured, if the process sensors that constitute the ground truth of physical processes are compromised or defective, it will not be possible to have a safe, secure, reliable, or optimized process.

If the people that understand the Level 0,1 devices and operation are not involved, there is no chance control systems and processes will be either secure or safe.

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