Physical Layer Concerns

One of the more troublesome aspects of a control system is detecting when the I/O is broken versus a security problem of some sort. This is one of the keys between knowing that you’re being hacked versus having some sort of hardware failure. With that in mind, these are some measures I have found to […]

Raising cybersecurity awareness during a seminar on the future of energy policy and economy is not an easy thing to do.

“Although you cross the Atlantic for years and have ice reported and never see it, at other times it’s not reported and you do see it.” – Charles Lightoller, Titanic Second Officer (speaking at the public inquiry into the sinking) In one of my recent lectures on “The cybersecurity dimension of critical energy infrastructure” I […]

Thoughts on possible misconceptions over the cybersecurity of the energy sector

“The pump don’t work, cause the vandals took the handles” – Bob Dylan The use of high technology (information technology and telecommunications) has entered almost every aspect of our lives. You name a sector and it is there: finance, trade, energy, communications, transportation, even education and healthcare. High tech is what modern society is built […]

Denial of Service

Most in this business know who Brian Krebs is. He is well known for looking in the dark corners of the Internet for all sorts of obnoxious evil and documenting it. In the last day or two, he encountered what appear to be record levels of traffic aimed against his web site. His host, Akamai, […]

Will the next “revolution” in information and communications technologies follow the same fate of failed political ones?

Political revolutions have a tendency to backfire. The high ideals of “liberty, fraternity and equality” behind the 1789 French Revolution ended with the guillotine. In the Russian Revolution of 1917 the promises of “peace, bread, and land” led to the Gulag. Even technological revolutions of the past had have downsides to them. One possible cause […]