School of Athens

School of Industrial Cybersecurity: time to review the curriculum

It is hard sometimes for me to watch the discussions on critical infrastructure protection taking place these days.  Especially when it comes to cybersecurity practices and policies.  The conferences, announcements of new national cybersecurity strategies, pronouncements of industry opinion leaders on the media, government publications on best practices, guides, books and last of all vendor […]

Cybergs sighted: course correction required for critical infrastructure protection

“Engineer Scott, please report to the bridge immediately” Frequently heard in some 1960’s era TV shows Are we being encouraged to implement the right measures for protecting the technologies used to monitor and control physical processes found in critical infrastructure or have we hit a cyberg[1]? This is the question I asked myself when first […]

Lack of security at Level 0/1: problem of awareness or unwillingness to change priorities?

To be honest I was planning to write about unintentional cyber incidents in critical infrastructure and the need to pull away some of our attention from the sexy topic of cyber-attacks and cyber kill-chains.  I changed my mind when I read Dale Peterson’s informative article on “Awareness Of Purdue Level 0 and 1 (In)Security” and […]