After 5 years of research and hard work, Project SCIDMARK†1 is online.

Announced back in October 2015 at the ICS Conference in Atlanta, GA, we feel that the current product is ready for use. As we have several thousand cyber-related events and incidents, the initial christening of the product will have only 11.

This is a test run.

More cases that have an impact on operations, along with reports and aftermaths of their consequences resulting from the incident, this tool will be very useful for all communities of interest, not just the SCADA and control systems security community. As time permits, new cases will be added to the ever-growing database.

The database is available openly and freely without any restrictions.

The website may be visited at

Should anyone have any ideas, comments, or otherwise, please feel free to send an email to

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

†1  The name “SCIDMARK” is an acronym meaning “Systems and Cyber Impact Database MARKup” representing a culmination of events and incidents, non-accidental, accidental, and attack-related. Impacts and their resulting consequences from these cases, are the focus of past situations of any given operation.