June 8th and 9th virtual keynotes to cyber security conferences – gaps between networking and engineering

June 8th, I will be giving a keynote at the Cyber Observatory IOT and ICS conference (https://www.cyberinnovationsummits.com/industrial-cybersecurity-iiot-event/). I also will be participating in an executive roundtable on supply chain. Also on June 8th, I will be on a panel session June 8th and giving a keynote June 9th at the 2021 New York State Cyber Security Conference (2021 NYS Cyber Security Conference). My keynotes will provide an engineer’s view of control system cyber security. To date, the government guidance following control system cyber incidents has been generic and does not address the root cause of the incidents leaving the facilities open for the incidents to recur. The presentations will address some of the most significant recent control system cyber security incidents: SolarWinds, the Chinese hardware backdoors in electric and pharma facilities, the Colonial Pipeline hack, the Oldsmar water hack, counterfeit process sensors, and building hacks. It will identify some of the gaps between real incidents and EO 14028 and the TSA pipeline requirements and provide recommendations to improve control system cyber security. https://www.controlglobal.com/blogs/unfettered/june-8th-and-9th-virtual-keynotes-to-cyber-security-conferences-gaps-between-networking-and-engineering/


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