CS2AI podcast on control system cyber security

I did a podcast for CS2AI on control system cyber security. The podcast was to educate people that control systems are composed of process sensors, actuators, drives, controllers, HMIs, networks, and network devices because OT cyber security practitioners have limited the discussion to HMIs, OT networks, and OT network devices. The podcast also discussed the difficulty in identifying control system events as being cyber-related. These incidents are generally described as mechanical or electric failures since there is often no training that would enable operators to identify these incidents as possibly being cyber-related. According to Derek Harp’s release of the podcast: “Great news! According to Derek, “your insights were pure gold during our conversation, and I’m sure our audience will find them not just informative, but also super engaging.” September 26th, Dragos and Palo Alto Networks held a podcast – “Securing Industrial Infrastructure: Bridging the IT and OT Gap for Effective Incident Response”. This podcast addressed Internet Protocol network incidents but did not address control system cyber incidents making the CS2AI podcast even more timely.



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