URL Shortened Websites

A URL shortener (or “link shortener”) is an application that condenses web addresses, redirecting the shorter URL to the original web address URL. There are plenty of URL shorteners available (both free and paid), such as Bitly, along with blogging media (such as X (formerly Twitter)) and WordPress, as they often include automatic URL shortening on their platforms.

The shortener’s sole purpose is to streamline easy-of-use for the end user by aiming to convert long web addresses into shorter links that are displayed better, as well as make typing some of the longer, (perhaps) more difficult web address URLs into more manageable and easier methods of access.

As such, we’ve created a website URL shortener to make it much easier for people to access any of the infracritical® websites. This was made to streamline URLs to make them more manageable (shorter). These websites include:

http://unx.cz/24062501http://srpmodel.infracritical.com(SRP Model PSA)
http://unx.cz/24062502http://icsmodel.infracritical.com(ICS Model PSA)
http://unx.cz/24062503http://cupcake.infracritical.com(ICS Conceptual Framework PSA)
http://unx.cz/24062504http://ruggedtrax.infracritical.com(Project RUGGEDTRAX – 14 day direct Internet exposure)
http://unx.cz/24062505http://os2archive.infracritical.com(former NMSU Hobbes OS/2 Archive – NOT ACTIVE)
http://unx.cz/24062506http://vaxlander.com(DEC VAX CD-ROMs Utilities Archive) (URL forwarder)
http://unx.cz/24062507http://vaxarchive.infracritical.com(DEC VAX CD-ROMs Utilities Archive_
http://unx.cz/24062508http://scadasec.infracritical.com(SCADASEC Mailing List) (forwarder)
http://unx.cz/24062509http://archive.infracritical.com(Master Archive Site for ALL Archives)
http://unx.cz/24062601http://scidmark.com(Project SCIDMARK – Post-regression Incident Analysis Database)
http://unx.cz/24062602https://scadasec.groups.io(SCADASEC Mailing List)
http://unx.cz/24062603http://scadamag.infracritical.com(SCADASEC Blog Website (the website you are accessing)