Will the shields they tell us to raise defend against the Borg?

Have been following the warnings and advice currently given to enterprises on bolstering cyber and other defenses in the wake of the recent (January 2019) escalations of conflict between the US and Iran.  In particular the warnings that focus on advising those who use “industrial control systems and operational technology”[1].  Technologies used to monitor and […]

Virtualizing a PLC?

In the fourth season of the cartoon sitcom The Simpsons, there was an episode where the town was flim-flammed by a salesman pitching a Monorail for the town. Everyone saw it as a great idea, but nobody could say why. Marge Simpson had her doubts, and of course, she was right. It didn’t work out. […]

Back to Basics of Control

I have written about this in other places, but for ease of understanding I’ll repeat it here: Control Systems Engineers are usually among the very last people to touch a capital project before the client signs off on substantial completion. By this time, the project is almost always late, over budget, and everyone is scrambling […]