Observations from 2021 SANS ICS Cyber Security Conference

The 2021 SANS ICS Cyber Security Conference was held March 4-5, 2021 with almost 9,000 registrants globally. The Conference thoroughly addressed OT networking issues. However, cyber security issues associated with Level 0,1 devices were not as adequately understood and addressed. There was also almost no discussion of the hardware backdoors in the Chinese-made transformers.

My presentation on the SolarWinds impacts on control systems March 5th was new to many as the focus has been on data theft. Ironically, the following day, an article on SolarWinds was written by the Harvard Belfer Center – “We should call things by their correct names. SolarWinds was an espionage operation, not an act of war” also missed the control system issues.

URL: https://www.controlglobal.com/blogs/unfettered/observations-from-the-2021-sans-ics-cyber-security-conference


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